Books Are My Bag Ireland 2014: Get Involved!

The ‘Books Are My Bag’ campaign is calling out to Irish publishers to get their authors involved for this year’s re-launch in order to support bookshops across the country.

Books Are My Bag is an extraordinary campaign, launched last year by the Booksellers Association, to help drive customers into physical bookshops With independent bookshop numbers falling below 1,000 for the first time earlier this year, and no or very little growth from the chains, helping to support bookshops on the high street has never been more important.  To help, Books in My Bag is being re-launched again this autumn, with the ambitious aim of getting an author into every bookshop in the country during the launch weekend, promoting and highlighting the joy, delight and sheer necessity of having bookshops as part of the high street mix.

  1. We want to try and get an author into every bookshop in the country on Saturday 11th October.  PLEASE get in touch with your authors and ask them to get involved.  It doesn’t need to be a formal signing or talk (although it certainly could be if your author is well known enough to create a queue). We will be sending out some ideas about what they can do in due course – but it could be anything from just being photographed with a BAMB bag, and providing a quote about their favourite book and favourite bookshop, to working in the shop for the day, or undertaking a mini-tour.  ANYTHING they can do to help is appreciated.
  2. We would really like to know who are your big name authors, and how we can persuade them to help.  Ideally we would like at least one national treasure style author to become an ambassador for the campaign, and help us by writing an open letter that we can distribute widely, getting involved in PR, and so on.  Do you have a big name author who cares passionately enough about bookshops to help?  It needs to be someone who can rally the support of fellow authors, as well as someone that the media is interested in.
  3. Do you have a children’s list that includes well known characters or illustrators? Can we use any of your children’s characters in the campaign?  Can we create some kids’ activity packs that use the BAMB logo?  Can a character be adapted to incorporate either the full logo or an aspect of it?
  4. We managed to photograph 115 People of Note last year with BAMB bags.  However, not all of them gave a quote.  Please look at the list below, and if one of your authors is on there, would you be able to contact them and ask them to give us a quote, stating 1) what is their favourite book and 2) what is their favourite bookshop.  This gives us material we can use in PR and on social media.

BAMB Ireland: Get Involved!

* BAMB Launch Day for 2014 is Saturday 11th October. Limited Edition BAMB bags designed by Tracey Emin are available to all BA Members and can be ordered HERE. Original bags are still available as usual.

* There is Irish PR organised for this year with Kate Bowe PR who looked after World Book Day in Ireland on board to generate press and media coverage within Ireland. BA UK have hired Midas PR in the UK and Jo James has been hired to co-ordinate bookshop events and the BAMB campaign.

For more details of the BAMB campaign, go to or email