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Culture Ireland Travel Grants for Frankfurt 2013


Wednesday 9 to Sunday 13 October, 2013

Culture Ireland, in partnership with Ireland Literature Exchange, is offering support to Irish publishers to attend the 2013 Frankfurt Book Fair.

The Frankfurt Book Fair is one of the most important international marketplaces for books, media, rights and licences worldwide.

Culture Ireland has built a strong presence for Irish publishing at this key event through the development of the Ireland at Frankfurt trade stand and by providing Irish publishers with travel grants to attend the event.

Culture Ireland is offering a small number of travel bursaries to Irish publishers (€800 per publishing house) to attend this year’s fair.

Successful applicants will be selected on the basis of:

  • the list of titles which the publisher has available for rights purchase at Frankfurt Book Fair 2013 (preference will be given to those with literary titles above historical, educational or factual publications);

  • the publisher’s track record in attending international book fairs (including Frankfurt, London, Bologna etc.) and experience of selling international rights at international trade fairs.

Applicants must be available to travel to Frankfurt between 9 and 13 October and to attend the annual networking event on the Ireland Stand at 5pm on Friday 11 October.

Please complete the application form below (electronically) in full and return it to before 5pm on Monday, 9 September, 2013

Successful applicants will be offered financial assistance towards their travel and accommodation costs of attending the Frankfurt Book Fair. Payment of the travel grant will be made by Ireland Literature Exchange on submission of original receipts, no later than six weeks after the event.

Application Form

Company name:

Contact person:


Contact email:

Contact telephone:


Have you attended the Frankfurt Book Fair before and, if yes, what years have you attended?

Do you attend other international trade fairs and, if yes, please give details:

Please give details of staff attending Frankfurt Book Fair from your company and their role at the fair?

How many titles will you publish in the calendar year 2013?

Please give details of three literary/cultural titles published in the last 18 months which you intend to promote/sell at the 2013 Frankfurt Book Fair:

How many titles do you have in your back list?

How many titles have you sold international translation rights for? Please give details (previous applicants should give details of new titles since your last Frankfurt Book Fair travel grant application):

How many titles have you sold, as co-editions or otherwise, internationally? Please give details (previous applicants should give details of new titles since your last Frankfurt Book Fair travel grant application):

How many titles have you bought international rights for? Please give details and include both translations and co-editions (previous applicants should give details of new titles since last Frankfurt Book Fair travel grant application):

Please enclose AIs (Advance Information) and/or as many details as possible for all three titles named above.





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