Digital Cultural Heritage: A Roadmap for Preservation

An EC-sponsored project called DCH-RP (Digital Cultural Heritage – A Roadmap for Preservation) aims to map out a coherent approach to preservation strategies for cultural heritage institutions (museums, galleries, libraries, etc.) coping with fast-increasing collections of digitized artefacts and information.  At the heart of the proposed approach is a shared DCH preservation infrastructure utilizing advanced Cloud- and Grid-based infrastructures and federated access methods.

To research these factors and validate ideas that have been developed by EDItEUR, the international group coordinating development of the standards infrastructure for electronic commerce in the book, e-book and serials sectors,  would be really grateful if you would take a short time to respond to an online survey, sharing your views or assessments of these topics.  To participate in the survey, please click on this link:

Personal and organizational identities will be anonymized in any published results and EDItEUR will only involve you further if you indicate that you would like either to hear more about the project or receive a summary of the results.  But the results obtained will be very valuable in influencing and directing the advice that DCH-RP is seeking to provide.


Your input to this project is greatly appreciated: very many thanks for your help!  The closing date for our data gathering is Monday 28th April.