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Eason Reviews E-Reader Launch

Eason is currently ‘reviewing plans’ to launch its own Easons-branded e-reader. The announcement comes one year on from the chain’s initial announcement of the Leaf, its in-store dedicated e-reader. An unnamed spokesman for the store chain quoted in The Bookseller magazine said ‘given the fast development of tablets and other e-reading devices, Eason is reviewing its plans to launch a branded e-reader at this time.’

While Easons had hailed the launch as a key element in its competing with larger companies like Kobo and Apple, analysts such as Douglas McCabe from Enders Analysis (quoted in The Bookseller) speculated that the attempt to launch an Eason branded e-reader ‘doesn’t make any sense whatsoever for a small retailer…there is a risk that e-readers look like they are transitional devices, because everything you do on them and more is provided on a tablet for the same price. E-readers could well be something we look back on and say, that was an early device before tablets took over.’

The full article on Eason’s e-reader can be found in the print edition of The Bookseller magazine dated 3rd May.

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