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Easons Implements New IT Infrastructure

Easons have begun implementing a new IT infrastructure, joining with Microsoft in order to revamp its product categories. To introduce this development, Easons have put out the following statement:

 In 2011 Eason & Son began a process of implementing a new IT infrastructure throughout the company. After much consideration it was decided to join partnership with Microsoft to introduce Microsoft AX Dynamics 2012 to each function of the business. The aim of this new IT system is to maximise the commercial performance of all our product categories which will result in a more effective and beneficial relationship with all our suppliers.

In September 2012 our Finance Department went live with the new system, followed by a pilot test retail store in Navan, Co Meath. February 1st 2013 will see the Trading Department go live on a phased basis with the new system. For the successful implementation of this system for Trading a number of our processes to date with suppliers will be reinforced or changed as listed below.

Product Stocked in Eason Stores – Wholesale / Direct

All products accepted into Eason Wholesale and direct to Eason stores must be prior approved by our category managers at head office. This product must then be listed on AX in order for Purchase Orders be created. No product will be accepted into our Wholesale or any of our retail stores without it being on our AX system in Head Office and without a Purchase Order attached.

Purchase Orders

The most important process change will be the issuing of a Purchase Order with every order we will place in the future with all our suppliers. The result of this will be that no products will be accepted into our warehouse or directly into our stores without a corresponding Purchase Order. The Purchase Order must be confirmed by a member of the Trading team at head office.  The Purchase Order number must be referenced on all documentations related to delivery. Only items we have authorised to be purchased must appear on related documentations.  In the event of a substitution of a product line we would ask our suppliers to inform us in advance of delivery in order to make amendments to our Purchase Orders. All deliveries without a Purchase Order reference will have to be refused.

 Supplier Portal

Another important development with this new IT system will be the introduction of a supplier portal – (a website with supplier access). This portal will allow suppliers to upload their own new product information to us in advance of their release dates. This portal will be rolled out on a phased basis and further communication will follow over the next few weeks with more details and access information. If you currently provide us with item information through an item set up template, please continue to do so. It is likely that the templates will change in time, however this will be on a phased approach and we will provide you with plenty of time to test the new templates when they become available.

 As our phased implementation progresses we will continuously keep you informed of the roll out plans and communicate with you on any updates we have in relation to the implementation. In addition over the coming months our Category Managers will advise you on the benefits which the full implementation will bring to our relationship with you and how we can fully optimise these. We hope you will bear with us during this transition period and request your cooperation with the changes we will be implementing. Should you have any further questions regarding the above changes or any other issues relating to our IT implementation programme please do not hesitate to contact us.

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