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FEP Voices Dismay over Schoolbook Nationalisation

The Federation of European Publishers reacts to the nationalisation of school. The Federation of European Publishers, which represents 28 national associations of book publishers (among them, the Hungarian Publishers and Booksellers Association), wishes to voice its dismay and express its concern after learning about the decision by the Hungarian government to nationalise the publishing of schoolbooks.


In the words of Piotr Marciszuk, President of FEP (and himself an educational publisher): “This initiative will not only harm severely the book sector in Hungary but also hinder the educational system as a whole, thus being detrimental to the entire economy and society of the country. It will hamper the quality and diversity of schoolbooks and limit their freedom of expression, negatively affecting the performance and competitiveness of Hungarian students.”


Educational publishing represents on average close to 20% of an industry – book publishing – that is a vital asset for Europe as it contributes to the dissemination of culture and knowledge and to fostering economic growth, social development and innovation, besides being a backbone of the educational system.


In the large majority of EU Member States, the provision of quality educational materials relies on the work of professional educational publishers, who make sure that their materials are tailored to pedagogical, curriculum and assessment needs through processes to which quality standards are integral and they do so investing their own resources, taking risks and competing in a market environment. All of this ensures that educational resources are up to their task, and also safeguards pluralism and respects teachers’ choice, all crucial elements of a successful educational system.

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