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Language is a Scalpel, not an Axe: Using Language with Fergal Tobin

From homophone horrors and tautological adjectives to understanding just what a semi-colon is for, the need for understanding language and how it works has never been more essential or tricky! Join Fergal Tobin, Publishing Director with Gill & Macmillan for a day-long course which will focus on common errors, confusions and what Eric Partridge called the “abusage” of the rules of language . Whether you are drowning in a sea of adverbials or just in need of good grammatical polish, the day promises to take the pain away from relative clauses! It is grounded in a simple principle: that the written language is a precision tool. It is a scalpel, not an axe.

Fergal Tobin

Fergal Tobin, Publishing Director Gill & Macmillan

Fergal Tobin has been in charge of general publishing in Gill & Macmillan since 1985, having started out as General and Academic Editor in 1985. He was president of Publishing Ireland from 2002 until 2004 and was also the Irish delegate to the Federation of European Publishers, of which he was president from 2010 to 2012. Having studied Law, History, English and Philosophy at UCD, there really is no better man for the task of untangling the vagaries of the English language!


Friday, 27 September, 10am- 4pm


Publishing Ireland offices, 25 Denzille Lane, Dublin 2

How much?

€150 / €125 (members of Publishing Ireland and members of the AFEPI)

Lunch is not included, however, tea and coffee will be available throughout the day.

* Confirmation of your place on the course is dependent on payment in full by Friday, 20 September.

For further information about the course, contact or email

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