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Minding Your POV’s! Wrapping Up Fiction with Publishing Ireland

The last two weeks at the PI towers have certainly been intense with the thorough workout given to our editors during our Fiction Editing course with Rachel Pierce. There was no shortage of material to work with- and here we mean that literally! Both sessions were filled with full stops, ‘POV’s’, tangled plot lines and what can only be described as an exhaustive drilling in the nuances and of editing fiction and what it really means to be a successful editor for your authors.

The Material!

Rachel in preparation!









I really feel as if I learned a lot from Rachel and she came extremely well prepared with samples and exercises and books! 

Susan McKeever, Freelance Editor and member of the AFEPI


 ‘I found the course excellent.  I would highly recommend it.’

Brenda O’Hanlon, Owner O’Hanlon Media and Joint Chair of the AFEPI


Our students looking duly serious!











 Summer/Autumn Series

If you missed any of our seminars, not to worry as we are in the midst of dreaming up our next few sessions during which we hope to visit topics such as legal issues for publishers, maximum publicity on a minimum budget and on-screen editing. We do as always want to hear from our publisher members, however, on what you want to see in the series so do get in touch to let us know what you want to have in our training courses. Keep an eye on our website and newsletter for more updates on the series as it develops!


If you have any ideas on what kind of training you would like to get involved in, email

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