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PI Seminar Series: Autumn/Winter Courses

Fergal Tobin at our Grammar Seminar on 27 September

It was all systems grammatical for the first in session in our Autumn/Winter seminar series as the inimitable Mr. Fergal Tobin delighted us all with genuinely fun ways to tackle the trickier aspects of grammar and style. Fowler was invoked, as were ‘dangling participles’ and the finer points of pidgin English in a day filled with unexpectedly common confusions. Here is what a couple of our attendees thought:


I had a great time; both as a course member and for having a chance to meet up with other editorial folk.  Fergal was just lovely; easy to listen to and very experienced in the subject of grammar. 

Victoria Woodside, Proofreader

An enjoyable and very useful course, with a knowledgeable teacher who managed to make a course on grammar much more fun than I thought it would be, while also reminding me of a lot I had forgotten.  

Wendy Logue, Mercier Press

What’s Next? You Tell Us!

Our annual trade day at the Dublin Book Festival will go ahead on Friday, 15 November.  Join us for a series of expert-led industry events and talks aimed at exploring and capitalising on the clear opportunities available to Irish publishers internationally. Full details of the day as well as a list of participating speakers will be announced over the coming days. To book your place on the day, email

Publishing Ireland Seminar Series 

Now we want to hear from you- what would you like to see on our seminar list? We have come up with a few options for you below and would love to hear from you as to which ones you would prefer:

Maximum Publicity on a Minimum Budget

Squeeze the most out of your budget to get the best results for your company in a day-long seminar with a panel of experts specialising in everything from design strategies marketing to social media.

The Publishing Machine

From the nuts and bolts of the publishing machine to print-buying and managing your troubleshooting design issues, this day-long course will take you through the peaks and pitfalls of the publishing process.

Legal Issues

Every publisher is intimately acquainted the multitude of legal problems that can arise on a daily basis when it comes to getting a book-particularly with increasingly sophisticated digital technologies.  Join our industry experts for an afternoon as they take you through issues from libel and copyright to the consequences of cases like the Google Books case and what they mean for publishers in Ireland.

Data Driven Publishing ­ Discovering Readers In the Digital Age

 The publishing industry has always struggled to predict what books consumers want to read.  Now, thanks to the wealth of data that we have access to in the digital age we finally have answers to this question. In this course you will learn how to analyse simple but critical data sources to discover the readers that want to read your book and target them effectively.

*If you are interested in attending any of the courses outlined above, drop us a line at

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