Programa Sur Translation Grant Programme

Programa Sur is a Translation Grant Programme, implemented by the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which aims to promote and strengthen the publishing of Argentine authors in foreign languages. These works can be chosen from within the different literary genres and they may be by both classic and contemporary Argentine authors. Since its creation in 2009, the Programme has awarded more than 850 works translated into 38 languages.

The Publishing House will be required to complete the project with the publication of the work. This publication must be completed by 30th November 2016. The deadline to apply for the grant is 30th September 2015. The Argentine publishers, the authors of the works or the agents who own the copyright can act on behalf of the foreign publishers, but payment is always made to the latter.

The works must have been originally written in Spanish by Argentine authors and must already have been published. The works can be of fiction or non-fiction, and of any literary genre (novel, short story, poetry, drama, children’s literature, etc.). Receiving a grant under the Translations Programme is incompatible with the receipt of any other type of public grant for the same work in Argentina. The amount of the grant may not exceed USD 3200 per work.

A Selection Committee, made up of university specialists on Argentine literature Noé Jitrik and Mario Goloboff, the Director of the National Library Mr. Horacio González, well-known literary critic Ms Silvia Hopenhayn, the member of the Fundación El Libro Mr Carlos Pazos, and the Director of Cultural Affairs Ambassador Magdalena Faillace, selects the works to be translated from among those presented and assigns a certain amount of money to each one, according to its characteristics.

All the relevant information related to Programa Sur and the application form can be found in the following webpage,

Embassy of the Argentine Republic in Ireland

15 Ailesbury Drive,


Dublin 4

(01) 269 1546