Public Library Strategy Call to Action



We, book publishers, booksellers and writers, are shocked to discover the frightening implications of the proposed National Library Procurement plan. This will close long-established and important businesses and destroy, rather than create, jobs. Please stop this process now.


Dr Paul Davis, a procurement expert at DCU, said the following at an SME seminar:

‘If the Government proceeds with these policies every business in this room will close.’

This is a frightening story.

  • Government plans to create one single library supply tendering consortium for the whole country
  • Government’s main objective is to create more jobs, yet the unintended consequences of its procurement policy are guaranteed to destroy jobs
  • Irish booksellers and library suppliers will be automatically disqualified from tendering for this business because prior experience with tenders of this scale is required to tender
  • Bookseller library suppliers will close, destroying or seriously damaging Irish publishers, writers, illustrators and their communities
  • Government may save some money in the short term, but the real price will be much higher in lost jobs, lost taxes and increased social welfare expenditure
  • There is no EU requirement to create a single national tender
  • This nasty policy will apply to other industries and could result in a new economic colonisation of Ireland, the winners being the big EU industrial countries. 28% of Irish Government tender business went out of Ireland in 2013, compared with an EU average of 2%
  • This will be an issue at the forthcoming European elections
  • Culture needs to be seen as an economic force, a powerful factor in economic success
    • ‘Culture is a formidable factor of growth, generating direct economic benefits that are infinitely superior to any investment mobilised. Culture must be viewed as an important tool for economic development. Culture is also a powerful factor in economic success.’                                               Aurélie Filippetti, French Minister of Culture and Communication
  • Ireland, a nation of writers, needs government policies to stimulate a strong culture of publishing, literary innovation, reading, education, bookselling and library acquisition. It’s more than culture: this is about jobs, quality of life, the spirit of our nation, our voice to the world.
  • Tourism, arts, culture and libraries should work together and have a single voice at the cabinet table
  • We, the writers, publishers, booksellers and library suppliers of Ireland, call on our government to scrap the procurement policy and replace it with an integrated cultural policy to stimulate growth and jobs.

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