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Publishing Ireland Seminar Series: Fiction Editing and Social Media for Publishers

Publishing Ireland is delighted to announce two upcoming sessions in our Seminar Series which will take place in April and May. We would like to invite expressions of interest for training in Fiction Editing and Social Media for Publishers.
Fiction Editing:

It is envisaged that this session will cover areas such as: the role of the editor in modern publishing and the various roles he/she is now expected to fulfil;  the increasing importance of social media, digital publishing and Apps for the book trade; the role of the agent and how to to advise fiction clients who are looking to engage an agent/what agents are looking for; we will also break down the categories of fiction editing and discuss each one, looking to identify the key elements of editing each genre, including the common pitfalls and possible solutions. Overall, the aim will be to develop a working model for how to be a confident editor and useful employee/freelancer.


Social Media for Publishers

Social media has changed the way we discover, read and share books. A book blogger writes a glowing review; when the blogger’s fans buy their copy, Amazon encourages tweeting about the purchase; the readers share their progress on Goodreads, eventually returning to leave a full review and send recommendations to all their friends; they leave a message on the author’s Facebook page, telling them how much they loved the book.

How can publishers best take advantage of the wealth of opportunity this new world holds? How can they identify these opportunities? And in an environment where information is everywhere and attention is short, how can they create the kind of content that will stand out and get shared?

It is envisaged that these courses meet the requirments and interests of our attendees and so we encourage any suggestions you might have. Please pass along your suggestions or expressions of interest to

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