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Training Courses


Brexit, Copyright & The Big Issues Facing Publishers

6 November, 10am-12 noon

Venue TBC

with William Bowes, Director of Policy and General Council, The Publishers Association.

With Brexit looming, how will decisions around customs and the Irish border affect Irish publishers and what happens to territorial rights for IP? What is the status of copyright in Brussels and where is it going? And what else should publishers be thinking about? An unmissable presentation and Q&A session on the issues facing our industry.

Tickets onsale soon via Eventbrite!

Rights 101

with Ivan O’Brien, O’Brien Press

6 November, 1-3pm

Venue TBC

Tickets onsale via Eventbrite


Post-Frankfurt, Pre-London, what do you need to know and do to maximise your rights sales?

Includes a special section on picture research and image rights.



Sell More Books with Better Data

with Simon Skinner, BDS

Coming in January!

Tickets via Eventbrite, coming soon!

We all know that better metadata helps sell more books, but we don’t always know what we need to do. This comprehensive workshop will look at everything from Thema to ONIX, including lots of tools, tricks and tips for creating and maintaining your metadata – and getting your whole company on board with the process.


The Package: How to Brief Design and Write Compelling Copy

with James Spackman, The Book Pitch Doctor

Coming in January

Tickets via Eventbrite, coming soon!


Cover Design: A practical workshop for publishers who brief covers, helping them understand how to create briefs that will yield brilliant results in an efficient way. James will focus on:

  • Understanding the dynamics of a creative collaboration
  • Working with a designer’s needs and priorities
    Turning a publishing strategy into a creative brief, detailing communication objective and tone of voice
  • Briefing tightly yet keeping an open mind
  • Using comparisons constructively
  • Feeding back constructively yet candidly

Copy Lab: A workshop for publishers who write cover copy, in which we explore new ways to work together to create persuasive blurb. Understand how:

  • Better copy sells more books
  • Good copy flows from a book’s publishing strategy
  • Copy, like a publishing strategy, and like cover art, should be collectively “owned” and championed
  • Copy creation process should be collaborative, and high-status



The Publishing P&L: Finding the Sweet Spot

Coming in April

Tickets via Eventbrite, Coming soon!

There are many different ways to cost out a book. Three publishers talk through how they explore a book’s feasibility, using examples from four-colour illustrated, international narrative and academic.


The Art of Editing

Coming in May

Tickets via Eventbrite, Coming soon!

A practical workshop covering structural editing, copy-editing and proofreading.



Academic Publishing: The Opportunities and the Challenges

Coming in June

Tickets via Eventbrite, Coming soon!

Hear from three Irish academic publishers as they discuss topics such as open access, co-editions, turning theses into books and the challenges and opportunities facing this section of the industry.