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Tw€€t This! Social Media for Publishers Half-Day Seminar


Ever asked yourself how far all that tweeting and facebooking would actually get you in terms of sales-real sales?

Catherine Ryan Howard, is smart, savvy and brilliant at motivating and engaging readers online. If you get the chance, you should listen to her, she’ll teach you a lot of practical and interesting things that will improve your business, please your authors, and drive your sales!


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“Last autumn Penguin Ireland tasked Catherine with using her skills in the online world to drive sales of a particular title. We were so happy with the direct sales results that she is now working on further titles for us and has also been engaged by our colleagues in London.”

Michael McLoughlin, Penguin Ireland

How can publishers best take advantage of the wealth of opportunity this new world holds? How can they identify these opportunities? And in an environment where information is everywhere and attention is short, how can they create the kind of content that will stand out and get shared?

Self-published media expert Catherine Ryan Howard  is here  to tell you that social media for publishers really is that important!


Word of mouth is more important now than ever and using social media tools right can not only turn your recommendations into sales but also raise your profile in a very real way. Come join us as on Friday, 26 April as Catherine takes the jargon and mystery of what has become the fastest and most efficient sales tool ever developed.


When? Friday, 26 April , 12-4pm
Venue: Publishing Ireland Offices, 25 Denzille Lane.
Price: €100 / €75 for Publishing Ireland members. Tea and coffee will be provided.

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Want to know a little more about Catherine?

Go to to read her interview with Publishing Ireland




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