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Plain by Ross Hattaway, Turas Press

Hattaway’s signature pared-back style reveals the starkness at the heart of life experiences – family connections, expectations, disappointments, grief. The detached voice, now teasing the reader with deadpan wit, now teetering cheerfully on the abyss, unflinchingly gazes upon ‘sadness/at the heart of things’ yet emerges resilient, resisting, surviving. “In this collection, Hattaway is speaking to […]

Brink Jo Burns, Turas Press

Brink is a work that bears witness to a world hovering on the edge of crisis, yet sees hope in the compassion and empathy in personal relationshipswhich forge the unbreakable bonds that bind us. From her vantage point of the post-truth, pandemic-afflicted present, Jo Burns turns her fierce analytic powers to the impact of propaganda […]

Are you a European comics publisher?

Stay tuned to the Eudicom Project! The Eudicom program is made to support publishers of comics in Europe in getting ready for distributing digital comics. The consortium partners, led by IZNEO, the leading European digital comics platform, will research and exchange their experience to offer an efficient capacity building programme primarily to publishers in Poland, Spain and Italy and […]

Sustaining and Innovating cultural Diversity in literary Translation

The purpose of SIDT Books 5 renowned book industry organizations team up, with support from Creative Europe, to disseminate market insights and practical learnings about novel approaches in publishing. The SIDT initiative – standing for “Sustaining and Innovating cultural Diversity in Literary Translations” – introduces a pilot project for professional training to small and medium-sized independent publishers, distributors, and […]

International Sustainable Publishing and Industry Resilience (InSPIRe) Plan

As members of IPA (International Publishers Association) and (FEP) Federation of European Publishers Publishing Ireland has signed up the InSPIRe charter It is an unprecedented IPA initiative to improve cooperation across the entire publishing spectrum, from publishers, booksellers, and libraries, to teachers, technology companies, regulators, and everyone in between. InSPIRe grew from the 2020 IPA report From Response to […]

Aoife Dooley returns to Little Island with ABC IRELAND!

Little Island is thrilled to announce a follow-up to the award-winning 123 Ireland! by illustrator, comedian and neurodivergent author Aoife Dooley.World rights in ABC Ireland!, an ABC board book for young children, was acquired from agent Faith O’Grady of the Lisa Richards agency by publisher Matthew Parkinson-Bennett. Following on from the success of her first […]

Self by Eilís Ward, Cork University Press

This book argues that we have got it wrong in the West in our pursuit of what we consider to be ‘self’: an autonomous, self-driven, entrepreneurial entity, always on, always positive and always improving. This is a neoliberal self, a being stripped of the social. In a radical critique, this book argues that this is […]

A Land Without Wolves, Temple Dark Books

“A Land Without Wolves vividly and poetically evokes the strange and contradictory world of late 18th-century Ireland…delving into a criminal underworld of thievery, brothels and secret societies alongside philosophical and political musings…a novel highly attuned to its historical context in both its sentences and its understanding of what was possible, ‘thinkable’, at the time.” Claire […]

Federation of European Publishers (FEP) Conference

9th & 10th September 2021 This year annual FEP conference took place virtually, publishing Ireland representatives Orla Mc Loughlin and Ivan O Brien attended the event. The following are topics that were covered over the 2 Days Next Young Publishing Professionals in Brussels – call for nomination of 2 delegates per member Presentation of the […]