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New Accessibility Features in Version 19.4 of InDesign

In the recent update to version 19.4 (April 2024) of InDesign, new accessibility features were introduced in the export of EPUBs, thanks to the joint work of EPUB expert team led by Gregorio Pellegrino (Fondazione LIA) and composed of Richard Orme (DAISY Consortium), Laura Brady (ABC Consortium), Jonas Lillqvist (Celia).

The working group Better EPUB from InDesign has effectively provided Adobe in recent months with a very detailed set of requirements, based on specific capabilities in the use of InDesign for the creation of accessible publications, to be added to the page layout software to enable the creation of “born accessible” EPUBs directly from InDesign.

Publishing Ireland welcomes this news and looks forward to new developments in aid of accessible publishing. More information here.

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