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A Land Without Wolves, Temple Dark Books

“A Land Without Wolves vividly and poetically evokes the strange and contradictory world of late 18th-century Ireland…delving into a criminal underworld of thievery, brothels and secret societies alongside philosophical and political musings…a novel highly attuned to its historical context in both its sentences and its understanding of what was possible, ‘thinkable’, at the time.” Claire Hennessy, Author of Like Other Girls

Daniel is a prolific and award-winning poet, playwright, and lover of literature and Irish history. His debut novel, ‘A Land Without Wolves’ is due for release on October 12th, the anniversary of the final (and fateful) engagement of the 1798 rebellion, within which context the novel is set. This is a dark and brooding tale about a highwayman and his orphan protégé, both of whom value freedom and survival above all else. They are violent and pensive characters, their reflections on the coming uprising brought to life through the author’s love of philosophy and literary classics. Anyone with a love for Irish history will appreciate this dark musing on the lesser-explored avenues of 18th century Ireland – the crime, the violence and prostitution, the gangs and rebels, the nobles and redcoats. Join the pack this dark October. Temple Dark Books

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