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AI Presentation – George Walkley

Pictured is George Walkley, Advisor for xigxag. The xigxag team are on location at the Bedruthan hotel in Cornwall.
22 June 2022 photograph by Janna Dixon Photography.

AI in Publishing George Walkley – Download

George Walkley is a digital publishing expert and independent consultant based in the United Kingdom. He has worked with over thirty-five organisations in ten countries since 2020, including clients in media and publishing, education, professional services, and non-profit sectors. George is the creator of the world’s first independent, CPD-accredited training course on generative AI for book publishers.

During this session, George will cover various important aspects related to publishing. He provides a comprehensive overview of the current landscape, highlights the key issues that publishers face, discusses the nuances of copyright in AI-powered publishing, examines the impact of AI on organisational structures, and sheds light on the various risks publishers should be aware of. Additionally, he shares the success stories of those who have implemented AI in their publishing processes. To facilitate effective collaboration and knowledge sharing among stakeholders in the publishing industry, he also emphasises the importance of communication points. This talk is not to be missed if you want to understand how AI impacts your organisation and be prepared.


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