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21st Century Renaissance is an independent publisher founded in 2012. It focuses on history, illustration and poetry placing the highest value on the imagination and skills of the writers, illustrators and designers — all based in Ireland — who create its books and art works. All production details: editing, design, print, binding are completed in Ireland (excepting The Visual Time Traveller production which required the expertise of a fine art printer in the Netherlands). Exhibition prints from The Visual Time Traveller are made using archival pigment inks on Copperhouse Cotton Rag.

21CR books are not sold on Amazon

Nine Bean Rows Books is a new boutique Irish publishing house for tastemakers and storytellers.

At Nine Bean Rows, we believe that there are two things that connect absolutely everyone, everywhere: food and stories. More people need to be able to share their food and by extension their story, which is why our first project, Blasta Books, will initially prioritise new voices in Ireland who have not previously published a book. Our aim is to provide a more inclusive snapshot of Ireland’s modern and diverse food culture.

Nine Bean Rows Books was founded by Kristin Jensen, who has worked in the publishing industry as a freelance editor and food writer for over 20 years. Kristin specialises in cookbooks and recipes and has worked with many of Ireland’s best-known chefs and food writers. She is also the co-author of Saturday Pizzas from the Ballymaloe Cookery School (2017), Sláinte: The Complete Guide to Irish Craft Beer and Cider (2014) and is working on a cookbook to be published in spring 2023. She is a member and the outgoing chair of the Irish Food Writers’ Guild.

Messenger Publications publish over twenty books annually as well as a range of booklets and pamphlets. We specialise in titles on Theology, Ignatian spirituality, history and individuals, as well as Pastoral Resources, Care for our Common Home and liturgical Seasonal titles.

We focus on Christian faith in action according to the needs of the changing world of our times. Our publications, whether on spirituality, social justice, the environment or prayer and pastoral care, draw inspiration from lived experience and are grounded in our Christian faith.

Started in 1888, Messenger Publications is one of Ireland’s oldest publishing houses. We currently publish about 20 books a year in the areas of spirituality, theology and pastoral resources. As the publishing organisation of the Jesuits in Ireland, we specialise in Ignatian spirituality and books of interest to Jesuits. We include many well-known Jesuit writers on our lists such as Donal Neary SJ, Brian Grogan SJ, Arturo Sosa SJ, Brian O’Leary SJ, as well as leading Irish theologians such as Dermot A. Lane and Sean McDonagh. 

Messenger Publications is also the curator of the Father Browne Collection SJ of 42,000 photographs taken in the first half of the twentieth century, including the iconic collection of Titanic photographs. We regularly publish collections of these photographs, the latest being Wandering Wicklow with Father Browne



Since 1928, when the Commission was established by the nascent Irish State, scholarship and learning have expanded beyond anything that could have been conceived at the time. The remit of the Commission is to publish to the highest scholarly standard, in print and latterly online, editions, calendars and lists of primary source materials for the histories of Ireland. The Irish Manuscripts Commission is also committed to promoting public access to and awareness of primary source materials and their importance for the history, heritage and culture of Ireland.

Temple Dark Books

Creators of Darkness

We are a small but dedicated and passionate team of like-minded creatures who could not breathe without the written word (especially those big words that catch in the throat). At a secret location in Ireland, The Gatekeeper gathers writers and artists of dark delight, publishing works of Dark Speculative Fiction to expand your mind and nourish your wayward soul.

Our 2021 catalogue features three SF titles and one of Historical Fiction, with authors from Ireland, Australia, and the United States. Amongst more SF, we anticipate featuring a horror title in our 2022 catalogue.

Temple Dark Books selects works for publication based on the quality of the writing – if we enjoy it, we see potential. As such, we care little for gender, ethnicity, skin colour, and anything else that has no bearing on a writer’s ability to tell a good story. Knowing how disingenuous social media is, we also do not judge people based on how many followers they have!

The Gatekeeper occupies a dimension alongside ours, and he may even be standing behind you right now. If you reach out to us via, you can avoid him reaching out to you.

The Association of Freelance Editors, Proofreaders and Indexers of Ireland (AFEPI Ireland) is a professional organisation for publishing and editorial freelancers in Ireland. It fosters high standards in editing, proofreading and indexing, promotes the interests of its members and helps to match publishers, authors, indie authors, businesses and public bodies with suitable editorial freelancers.

Our members are all professionally trained, experienced proofreaders, editors and indexers and they can be contacted via the Members’ Directory on the AFEPI Ireland website. Membership is curated and all members of AFEPI Ireland must adhere to the association’s Code of Practice

The Royal Irish Academy champions research. We identify and recognise Ireland’s world class researchers. We believe that good research needs to be promoted, sustained and communicated. The Academy was founded in 1785 and it began publishing scholarly articles in 1787. Now six journals are published by the RIA. The Academy also publishes books aimed at communicating scholarly material to a wider public, landmark series and scholarly books. Our books and journals are academically double-blind peer-reviewed and are produced to a high standard of editing and design. Awards include several Irish Book Awards, Best Irish Printed book, Institute of Designers in Ireland awards and Business 2 Arts awards. The Academy is a member of Publishing Ireland.

Cork University Press aims to stimulate Irish learning by reflecting distinctive and distinguished scholarship in its lists. The Press began publishing in 1925 and is the oldest university press in Ireland. Its philosophy has been to encourage a broad spectrum of debate in the field of Irish Studies by publishing research which engages with contemporary cultural debate. Owing to the spread of Irish Studies in third level (university) institutions during recent decades, throughout North America, Europe and Australia, research in the field has increased in depth and range. Our list reflects this growth in its engagement with a variety of discourses.

While the Press specializes in the broad field of Irish Cultural Studies, its subject range extends across the fields of music, art history, literary criticism and poetry. The focus of our list is however in the areas of Irish cultural history, archaeology and landscape studies. A number of our titles are viewed by critics as ground-breaking in their contribution to the field, namely the Atlas of the Irish Revolution, Atlas of the Great Irish Famine, Atlas of the Irish Rural Landscape, The Companion to Irish Traditional Music, the Critical Conditions series, and most notably Volumes IV and V of the Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing: Irish Women’s Writing and Traditions. The Press publishes approximately 15 books a year.  All our titles are rigorously peer-reviewed and edited. (The peer-review process is described in more detail on the Information for Authors page of this site.) 

Skein Press was established in June 2017. As well as writers from an ethnic background, we hope to foster writers whose work is fresh and thought-provoking and features outlooks and experiences not often represented in Irish publishing. Skein offers a critique and copy-editing service. See ‘Our services’.

Banshee Press is a small independent Irish publisher established in 2014. We publish Banshee literary journal twice a year as well as a select list of books.

Appletree Press is one of Ireland’s largest publishers of gift and guidebooks for an international market. It publishes in eight languages in its own right. These include French, Russian, Japanese, Greek and Spanish.

The publishing programme of An Gúm covers the following categories: schoolbooks and teaching resources for both the primary and secondary sector; literature for children and young adults; novels and reference works for the general public plus a growing range of e-books.