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COPYRIGHT ESSENTIALS Copyright Essentials with Samantha Holman

  • Wednesday 22nd May @ 9:30 am
  • 30 - 60

    Copyright is an exclusive legal right granted to the creator of original work to permit or prevent other people from copying it. Knowing about copyright is therefore crucial for anyone acquiring works or creating, commissioning, publishing, and reproducing content. This half-day course is aimed at those who require a basic understanding of the core principles underpinning copyright and their responsibilities.

    The three-hour session will cover

    • Overview of the basic principles of copyright;
    • Outline of the types of work that are protected by copyright;
    • Authorship, ownership, and the duration of copyright in different contexts;
    • The role of the exceptions to copyright particularly within a cultural heritage and library context.
    • Introduction to Orphan Works, Out of Commerce and Creative Commons Licences.
    • Case studies as they apply to different situations.

    Samantha Holman

    Samantha Holman has been the CEO of the Irish Copyright Licensing Agency, and the CMO for the text and image sector in Ireland, for twenty-one years. She has also been involved in the establishment of the CMO for Visual Artists in Ireland, IVARO, and lectures about copyright and authors’ rights at national and international levels. She has been a board member of IFRRO, the international umbrella organisation for RROs since 2015 and was elected the First Vice President in 2022. Previously she was Chair of the IFRRO European Group and Chair of the European Development Committee which concentrated on capacity building and development of copyright systems and authors’ rights in Eastern Europe and Eurasia.

    She lives just outside Dublin and is married to a poet!