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Publishing and Sustainability the Road Ahead,  Lisa Farato, Director of Environment and Sustainability   Publisher Breakout Sessions - Irish Book Trade Conference 2024

  • Tuesday 27th February @ 2:30 pm

    Irish Book Trade Conference – Publisher Breakout

    Tuesday 27th February 2024

    Lisa Farato is a renowned expert in the field of environmental sustainability and has been serving as the Director of Environment and Sustainability at CPI Group. She has an in-depth understanding of minimizing the impact of publishing on the environment and works collaboratively with the supply chain to set green targets. Her immense knowledge and experience in the field help publishers achieve their sustainability goals.

    In her upcoming talk, Lisa will delve deep into a range of topics, including supply chain transparency, reducing environmental impact, and the upcoming EU regulations. She will discuss measures to minimize the environmental impact of publishing and highlight the importance of sustainable practices. Additionally, she will cover the Deforestation regulation and CSRD, two major regulations that are expected to have a significant impact on the publishing industry. Join us for Lisa’s talk, as she shares her insights and sheds light on the road ahead for publishing and sustainability.


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