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Dublin Book Festival – Summer Series of Conversations



Dublin Book Festival announces a special summer series of conversation and music with the final volume from Cobh, Co. Cork

Featuring: Billy O’Callaghan, Alice Taylor and music from Jack O’Rourke & Aisling Fitzpatrick 

Limited series – episode online from Tuesday, from July 20th

Since 2006 the Dublin Book Festival has been a mainstay of the Irish writing and publishing scene and a highlight of the literary year. With its special focus on Irish-published authors, the 2021 Festival continues that tradition of promoting and supporting Irish literary voices, both established and emerging. This year the festival is creating a specially curated once-off digital summer series. Departures will be a vibrant series of conversations and music set amidst some of the most beautiful scenery around Ireland. 

The Irish ever-changing landscape is a constant that has long been a source of inspiration interwoven in artists’ work, whether it be through stories and literature or poems and songwriting. These recent times, trying though they have been, have seen us reconnect with each other and with the land in ways many have forgotten, this series reflects on the deep connection between landscape and place in all art forms.

Filmed in locations around Co. Cork, including Spike Island and Cobh, the episode will celebrate the importance of our surroundings and their endless inspiration with some of our most talented contemporary artists, including Billy O’Callaghan, Alice Taylor and music from Jack O’Rourke accompanied by cellist Aisling Fitzpatrick. Join presenter Manchán Magan as he takes viewers on a journey through Ireland discovering the places and spaces that have stirred the artistic spirit of some of Ireland’s most loved authors, poets & musicians.


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