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24 May 2022 at 9:30 am 12:30 pm

Thinking of starting an audio podcast?

Want to know how to start?

Curious about how it can work for you and your business?

Publishing Ireland and Athena Media have curated a half-day virtual workshop ‘First Steps in Audio Podcasting’ – aimed at beginners – and designed to give you an express session on podcasting today, including how to podcast remotely using video conferencing tools or how to record using your computer or your smartphone with an app.

First Steps in Audio Podcasting is a virtual workshop, run over ZOOM, taking you through the A-Z of starting an audio podcast, from thinking about the story, your audience and marketing, to developing your kit bag of equipment and growing your skill set.

Helen Shaw and John Howard are experienced digital content creators with Athena Media and run Podcasting Ireland, a podcasting resource, and their own podcasts include The Panti Personals with Panti Bliss, This is Where We Live and The Family of Things. They are multi-award-winning audio creators, their 2020 radio and podcast series Mother’s Blood, Sister Songs, on the genetic and cultural ties between Ireland and Iceland won Gold at the New York Radio Festival that year. Helen is a former journalist and broadcaster, she ran RTÉ Radio services, and launched RTÉ Lyric FM, before establishing Athena Media in 2004 while John Howard is a scientist turns digital designer, who is skilled in audio and video production and editing. He is a trained graphic designer and the force behind the podcast websites, including all the video content on

The beginners podcasting workshop has been run virtually since March 2020 as public and bespoke workshops. Many of the participants like Liz Gleeson ( Shapes of Grief) or Emmet Scanlon ( What Buildings Do) have gone on to create successful podcasts with real impact.

What’s covered?

We ask people if possible to open their video cameras for the session so we can be as responsive as possible in a virtual setting.

  • What’s a podcast and why should you make one? Why is podcasting growing?
  • What are the elements that make a successful podcast? Let’s explore some success stories we can learn from and how they are made.
  • Where should I begin? First five steps to start podcasting. ‘Start Where You Are, ‘ Get Outside of Your Comfort Zone’ “Start Small & Grow’ ‘ What’s Your Story and who is Your Audience? ‘ ‘Collaborate’
  • Where should I begin? First five steps to start podcasting. ‘Start Where You Are, ‘ Get Outside of Your Comfort Zone’ “Start Small & Grow’ ‘ What’s Your Story and who is Your Audience? ‘ ‘Collaborate’
  • How can I make podcasts remotely? (we’ll explore using itself and using your smartphone and handheld audio recorders like the Zoom Hn4 and 5. We’ll also introduce methods and techniques to get better sound and record locally). We talk about sound and how to achieve sound quality remotely. ‘Every person and every place has a sound’.
  • Key tools, techniques and resources to get you up and going from microphone equipment, podcast platforms and basic editing resources. We aim to get you started immediately. We introduce you to all stages; including a brief overview of audio editing, and provide detailed resources, including a how-to manual, to guide you after the workshop.) These workshops are small and interactive.
  • Next stages: mapping your podcast strategy and creating a pilot to kick start your podcast idea. We offer you templates, and guidance, and show you examples of what others have done who have worked with us and who are successfully podcasting and telling their story.
  • Several of our recent participants have already launched their podcasts. We’ll show you how they did it and how you can adapt.