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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a book published?

Publishing Ireland is an association representing a wide range of Publishers in Ireland we do not assist in submissions or sourcing the correct publisher for your work.

What we can advise regarding your book is to look for similar books to your own which have already been published, and then check who the publisher was for those books. A children’s publisher would not publish an adult crime novel, for example, or a literary publisher wouldn’t publish a cookbook. We recommend that an author needs to get a sense of who publishes their type of books.

There are some resources online to help people submit to Irish publishers, Publishing Ireland has a list of member publishers on the website, and the Irish Writers’ Centre has a great resource about submitting here. also has lots of resources for authors including a list of publishers.

Once you have identified which publishers you can submit to, it’s best to look at their websites and follow their submission guidelines.

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