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Federation of European Publishers (FEP)

One of the many benefits of being a member of Publishing Ireland is that we are members of FEP. We asked Anne Bergman-Tahon the Director of FEP to explain to our newer members their role.

Why is Publishing Ireland a member of the Federation of European publishers? Because Irish publishers are European publishers and working together with colleagues brings mutual benefits. FEP screens European Union’s legislation and represents publishers to ensure that the impact on their business is as limited as it can be. FEP supports PI when Ireland is implementing legislation.  FEP members are wonderful sources of information when anyone needs to know VAT rules, postal tariffs or anything related to book publishing in general. Working together in FEP, European publishers are able to make politicians better understand the challenges they face and the solutions which would support creativity and diversity. Lately, we are busy with the forthcoming review of the e-commerce Directive adopted in 2000. The two texts to review that legislation are called DSA and DMA, respective Digital Services Act and Digital Market Act. Their aim is to make the net a safer place also for businesses although you will all understand the risks are huge that GAFAS influence (derail?) the debate. Among the other many topics we follow; the European Digital Action Plan, how to better connect European schools, teachers and pupils. If all this fascinates you, or simply interests you, and you are a member of Publishing Ireland you can ask Orla to subscribe you to our weekly newsletter.

Anne Bergman-Tahon, Director of FEP

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