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Jane Mitchell’s, Run for Your Life

Little Island are proud to share Jane Mitchell’s new book Run for Your Life(April 7th 2022).The book shines a light on the experience of young people living in Direct Provision, Ireland’s asylum system which Amnesty International has called “an ongoing human rights scandal.”

Run for Your Life is about a young girl named Azari arriving in Ireland with her mother, and seeking refuge from the violence in their home country. They miss home desperately, yet any return would mean their death. The one bright spot for Azari is the time she spends running with her new Irish friend.

Jane is collaborating with Fighting Words Ireland to run writing workshops for young people in Direct Provision and ran her first one in Galway on Monday the 28th of March.

Run for Your Life is endorsed by Amnesty International, and the Immigrant Council of Ireland said: “Accurately and vividly portrays the human story behind the global headline of forced migration. Run for Your Life has throughout it a sense of hope and strength.”

All publisher profits from the sale of this book will go to Save the Children, and their Irish Sales Representative Conor Hackett has generously asked that his commission payments for this title be used to top up the donation to Save the Children.

Order on or from your local bookshop!

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