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Publishing Ireland had an extremely busy January with events, Niamh Mulvey kicked off our 2022 events programme with our immensely popular 3-part Fiction Editing Course. Niamh’s method of delivery is very organic and inclusive of all participants allowing for informal chats while at the same time delivering an excellent course. Because this course has proved so popular with both new entrants and experienced publishers we have decided to run another course in Fiction Editing in Autumn 2022. This course will focus more on developmental edit and story structure, once details are finalised our aim is to launch the course in spring, based on how quickly these courses fill up we would encourage you if interested to book your spot straight away. Below is some feedback from recent participants in our January course.

An excellent course: engaging, informative and thorough. I didn’t think we would be able to cover so much in just three sessions, but I learned a lot, and I’m excited to get stuck into the books on structure etc that were recommended. Also, I appreciated Niamh tweaking things as she went to suit the group” Jan 2022

I really enjoyed the course. I’m new to the field, work through Irish and have primarily been working with translations up to this point – which are a bit different in terms of the editing process – but the glimpse into the way things work in fiction editing in the English language was fascinating and I hope to be able to bring some of my new understanding of the editing process to my work in the futureJan 2022

A really interesting course. Niamh knows her stuff and is generous with that knowledge. It was especially useful to hear first-hand from the guest author about her experience with editorsJan 2022

“You are never too old or experienced to learn. For younger or less experienced editors I believe it to be an immensely helpful grounding in the many aspects of editing – absorbing a script, figuring out how to break it down technically, thinking about the market and, crucially (and the key theme of the third session) providing an insight into the amount of emotional labour that’s required to be effective as an editor” Jan 2022

I really enjoyed the course and would be interested in attending a longer more in-depth offering. Niamh’s experience, knowledge and personable approach to mentoring/teaching provide an inclusive and engaging learning experience. Thank you for the opportunity Niamh and Publishing Ireland offered to attend and learn from this enjoyable and insightful courseJan 2022


Wednesday 26th January we held our Bi-Annual Fever Pitch in association with the Irish Booksellers and what a thrilling event this is, each publisher has 5 minutes to promote and sell five titles – it is fun, fast, and exciting and we would encourage members to get involved. We had over sixteen-member publishers pitch their upcoming spring titles to over 40 nationwide booksellers the below tweet just shows how appreciative the booksellers are to be a part of this event. It was an amazing session and so many exciting books coming up, this is a free event for member publishers. This event is recorded by BA for the booksellers who were unable to attend to catch up as we run these events during business hours. Publishing Ireland is extremely grateful to the Booksellers Association for running this event. Our next event will take place in August/September for Autumn/Christmas Titles.

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