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London Book Fair 2017

Thinking of heading to London for this year’s fair?

Irish Stand at London: one of the best at the fair!

Irish Stand at London: one of the best at the fair!

The London Book Fair is happening earlier this time so publishers should take note: LBF will take place from 14-16 March 2017. Publishing Ireland is once again offering shorter, cheaper packages for as little as €300, perfect if you don’t want to attend the fair for the full duration, or simply wish to have your catalogues exhibited, which will be visible throughout the fair.

Publishers can avail of a fixed meeting space at the Irish table, message taking or exhibiting space for catalogues. We will also have a catalogue-only option to showcase publishers who are unable to attend in person this year.

Why Attend?

  • Attending in person is the single best way to take advantage of book fairs. Ireland is a small market and meeting people face to face provides an invaluable networking opportunity- particularly for smaller publishers.
  • Rights: 2016 saw the largest staging of LBF’s International Rights Centre in its 45-year history.
  • London in particular has never been easier to get to – especially if you plan to pop over briefly to take advantage of Publishing Ireland’s day package options.



Irish Stand at London

Some of Our Members’ Comments on Attending Book Fairs:

“Wordwell Ltd., as the publishers of Books Ireland magazine, attended the Frankfurt Book Fair for the first time in 2016.  There was no compelling business for us to be there in person as we had arranged for copies of Books Ireland to be distributed at the Irish Stand, providing a tangible and visible Books Ireland presence as well as representing all Irish publishers and publications. We also brought along copies of our other magazines, History Ireland and Archaeology Ireland and some of our specialist (non-literary) titles—not with any expectation of selling rights, as is the normal business at Frankfurt, but more as a showcase of our range. As it turned out, we did encounter interest in rights and it’s ongoing.

It was a great experience and an eye opener.  Nothing beats being there in person and making contact with people and organisations that one didn’t even realise one should be in contact with! We are only sorry that we missed all the Fairs since 1987—when we were first established but we are now convinced about, and committed to, the London Book Fair (March 2017) and Frankfurt (October 2017).”

 Una MacConville, Wordwell Ltd and Books Ireland magazine

People you have met before are very easy to meet. So every year you tend have more meetings and gradually build it up. I definitely feel actually next year it’s going be a lot easier for us because we have spoken to a lot of publishers this year.

This is actually year three of publishing so we are starting to get responses of a more established publishing house.”

Stephanie Boner, ROADS Publishing

We had a couple of rights sales before the Fair, which broke the dam down for a couple of titles and we’re able to tell people “we’ve just sold this, you should buy it too”. And the books that we came here really passionate about, other people have loved.

It’s great to see a bit more energy around the halls – not always obvious because there aren’t a huge number of people walking around, but people do seem to be paying attention and we have had a few drop in’s from territories that we haven’t had much business with before.”

Ivan O’Brien, The O’Brien Press

“The Frankfurt Book Fair for Little Island is very much a chance to re-establish the connections we made in Bologna. We use the Publishing Ireland table just for the one day, which is really a great service, because we couldn’t afford to come otherwise and we couldn’t afford to have our own table. It’s been a really good Fair.”

Gráinne Clear, Little Island


Day Package Options

Option 1: Full Day Package

  • Meeting table for up to 4 hours (consecutive or non-consecutive)
  • Message-taking service
  • Shipping and exhibitor space for catalogues (max. 100)
  • Business cards held at the table for you.
  • Exhibitor badge (includes free public transport to and from the fair)

Cost: €300 (PI members) €350 (non-members).


Option 2: Hourly Meeting Slots

  • Meeting table for 1- hour slot
  • Message-taking service
  • Shipping and exhibitor space for catalogues (max. 100)
  • Business cards held at the table for you
  • Exhibitor badge (includes free public transport to and from the fair)

Cost €100 (PI members) €150 (non-members)


Option 3: Exhibiting Catalogues

  • Shipping and display of catalogues (max. 100)
  • Message-taking service
  • Business cards held at the table for you.

Cost €75 (PI members) €100 (non members)


Option 4: Catalogue-Only

  • Shipping and display of catalogues (max.100)
  • Business cards held at the table for you

Cost €50 (PI members) €75 (non-members)


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