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Midfield Dynamo for the Win

Lilliput were out and about announcing their pre-orders opening for Midfield Dynamo by Adrian Duncan with teams of little guys scouting around their 5k. Did you see any near you? 

Midfield Dynamo is a collection of short stories from award-winning author Adrian Duncan. These modern stories have been written over the past decade, half having been previously published in The Moth, The Stinging Fly, Dublin Review and elsewhere, half completely new. 

Patterning and happenstance make up the rich quotidian lives of the characters portrayed in these strange, energetic tales. The loose figures of young artists, footballers and artisan engineers act out against diverse backgrounds from Dublin’s northside to Hamburg, Abu Dhabi and Accra, lives tethered yet adrift in a random universe of hard scrabble and occasional illumination. Taking inspiration from his childhood fascination with football team formations, Duncan arranges this collection with an eye to how each piece interacts with the others. 

With two novels and one short story collection published in the same number of years, the Lilliput Press is proud to present this new collection as Adrian Duncan quickly gains international attention. Recently winning the inaugural John McGahern Annual Book Prize and being shortlisted for the inaugural Dalkey Literary Award for Emerging Writer, Duncan’s prowess grows with each work.

You can pre-order your copy here which includes a figurine and signed postcard from the author while stocks last…get in! 

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