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PI Trade Day 2018: The Business of Books

The Sixth Annual Publishing Ireland Trade Day at Dublin Book Festival explored the challenges of creating and maintaining a coherent – and profitable – publishing brand, together with the changes in the Irish Consumer Market over the past 10 years. 

PUBLISHING/BUSINESS STRATEGY: Kate Wilson, Managing Director, Nosy Crow. 

Nosy Crow is a multi-award-winning independent publisher of children’s books and digital products. Kate discussed her experiences of setting up an independent publisher in 2010 in the wake of the financial crisis and the strategies and tactics that have driven Nosy Crow’s success. 

BRANDING: Rosanna Boscawen, Senior Campaigns Manager, VINTAGE

Rosanna shared how VINTAGE has maintained and developed a strong brand identity in publishing and beyond. Rosanna’s talk encompassed book design, content strategy, engagement with retailers, brand partnerships and the challenges and benefits of being a small but much-loved brand in a busy space.

TEN YEARS OF BOOK SALES IN IRELAND, TRENDS AND LESSONS: Oliver Beldham, Account Manager, Nielsen Book Research UK

Oliver Beldham took a look from 2008 to YTD 2018 focusing on top books and categories, giving the overall trends and individual title trends. The talk also delved into publishers’ and authors’ performance and provided some pricing analysis. Finally, Oliver covered the emergence of new and growing formats within the decade.

EASON – THE LATEST FROM IRELAND’S LARGEST BOOKSELLER: Brendan Corbett, Group Head of Marketing, Eason.

Brendan discussed the final stages of Eason’s corporate restructure; the success of the investment in their flagship O’Connell Street Store, and why books are very much back at the core of its business. 

MEDIA: Bill Malone, Director of Programming, Virgin Media Television

Virgin Media Television’s Director of Programming shared his insights into the challenges of attracting and keeping viewers as viewing habits change and the next generation of digital natives make their leisure time decisions. 

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