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Kiranis: Secrets of The Universe Ronald A. Geobey | Temple Dark Books

Release Date26/06/2023
PublisherTemple Dark Books
CategoriesNew Releases, Science Fiction

 “This is not your time. Not your year, nor century nor millennium. The time of humans is long passed.”

Three centuries have seen the rise of the Absolution, the ruling order of Earth through which the Si subdue the ordinary and expand the reach and influence of humankind. But as a solar flare threatens; the galaxy is breached; and the Gods of Kiranis are resurgent, the revelations to follow will bring all to their knees.

Introducing the Absolution and the Station Masters, and revealing more about the mechanics of this unique reality, Secrets of The Universe takes huge steps towards answering readers’ questions concerning the nature of the Prophet and the world he oversees.


Aboard the stolen Absolution flagship, Icarus, Philip Arthur seeks revenge against the unseen prophet-killer beyond the Barrier, facing his demons as the ship pierces the void. But Philip Arthur was ever destined to fly too close to the sun…

The Station Master Aphestan is crossing galaxies to find Naveen, and his Cen-Dith army are unlike anything humankind has engaged before. As the sun boils and an unprecedented disaster threatens Earth, the timing could not be worse.

When the Barrier is crossed and a great deceit dissolves, the twin empires of humankind will know humility; while on Kiranis, as a familiar power moves towards the return of the Great Black Dragon…

…the secrets of the Universe are finally laid bare.