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A Fairy Wonderland of Rhymes Lyn Maloney | Tribes Press

Release Date12/09/2023
PublisherTribes Press

Irish poet, Lyn Maloney dedicated A Fairy Wonderland of Rhymes to her grandchildren Lucy and Fionn, so that she could illuminate their childhood in the way that her very own Irish childhood came to life with stories of fairies and sprites. In this collection of seventy-three poems, the child and adult alike are transported to Fairyland with such enchanting lyrics as The Little Fairies Wren and An Irish Fairy Charm.

All seventy-three poems are printed in large, easy-to-read type with illustrations by Sally-Ann Kelly capturing the magic and mysticism of the fairy realm. This is a book filled with love and laughter, care and kindness, and above all, courage and determination for children of all ages.