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Apogee Tyler E. C. Burnworth | Temple Dark Books

Release Date15/12/2022
PublisherTemple Dark Books
CategoriesAction & Adventure, Science Fiction

Apogee, the second instalment of Tyler E. C. Burnworth’s pulse-pounding and immersive Military Sci-Fi trilogy, By Blood Or By Star, will be released by Temple Dark Books on December 15th.

Longarm Detective Djet Rincon struggles to follow in her father’s footsteps as a manhunt for a missing Marine unfolds amidst the murky world of intergalactic politics and off-the-books ops.

But the Marine she seeks is Abraham Zeeben, whose righteous grievances are turned on their head as he trains under the auspices of the elusive Ghost Society.

Scattered across the worlds of the Human Collective are the Pathfinders, embracing biotech augmentation and a contentious post-human ideology. They are the true enemy; their words are a call to arms.

While both Djet and Abraham grapple with the secrets of their respective families, they are set upon fractious paths, their fates inexorably intertwined with the machinations of the Pathfinders.

And a greater war looms.