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Creggan: The Next Chapter Garbhán Downey & Conal McFeely | Guildhall Press

PublisherGuildhall Press
CategoriesNew Releases, Non-Fiction

Derry publishing house Guildhall Press is pleased to announce the launch of Creggan: The Next Chapter, a colourfully illustrated compendium that chronicles the development of Creggan, Derry’s first, and one of the North’s largest, housing estates which celebrated its 75th anniversary this year.

The authors and lifelong Derry residents – Garbhan Downey and Conal McFeely ­ – assiduously chronicle Creggan’s notable events and milestones over the last two decades, its courageous and successful residents, and the growth of a self-reliant and confident community. The book promotes the diverse cross-community work of Creggan-based organisations and celebrates the cultural, social and artistic contributions of its sons and daughters to the wider world.

Our previous edition, Creggan: More Than A History, reported how community leaders, arts and cultural organisations, human rights groups, schools and others had resisted marginalisation by developing their own society, and maximising its strengths, from within.

This new account reaps the rewards of that groundwork. It is no longer tasked with recording the enduring pain and hardship that marked Creggan in its infancy. Rather, it reflects with pride on how swords have gradually been turned into ploughshares and former military bases, such as Essex and Piggery Ridge, have become hives of community development, industry and recreation. And it highlights the numerous projects and initiatives put in place across the area to nurture, encourage and upskill its citizens.

Creggan: The Next Chapter looks to the future with hope, showcasing the depth and strength of character a community must have to progress and  the imagination and innovation which can be unlocked when its people are empowered to succeed. It is, above all, an inspiring testament to resilience, determination and self-help.

The book was supported by Derry City & Strabane District Council, the NI Community Relations Council and the National Lottery Dormant Accounts Fund NI.

Available from, priced at £9.95.