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High Jump as Icarus Story Gustav Parker Hibbett | Banshee Press

Release Date07/04/2024
PublisherBanshee Press
CategoriesNew Releases, Poetry

In High Jump as Icarus Story, Gustav Parker Hibbett gifts us visions of flight and falling. This stunningly accomplished debut deconstructs and redefines notions of Blackness, queerness, and masculinity through the lenses of myth, pop culture, and that most transcendent of sports – the high jump.

Formally inventive, these poems speak in a vulnerable, rapturous voice that urges us to reimagine our possible selves, while navigating a labyrinthine America that conjures its young into monsters. Taking us from the arroyos of New Mexico to a West Cork farm in winter, these meditations on beauty and the elusive nature of love are insightful and hard-won: the spirit triumphs, even when the body falls.

“These are poems of real grace, poems in which the intellect and form are harmonised and made to move together. Gods and mythic figures provide the relief-work and architecture for a moving exploration of Blackness, the body, philosophy and so much more. Stylish, tender, playful and rigorous all at once, in this collection Parker Hibbett proves themselves to be one of our most compelling new voices.”
— Seán Hewitt