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Keeping the Faith Alf McCreary | Messenger Publications

Release Date18/05/2024
PublisherMessenger Publications

The award-winning Belfast journalist and author here reflects on a long career of reporting on the main events in Northern Ireland and on the aftermath of conflicts in the developing world including Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Vietnam and Rwanda. He observes how the Christian faith has sustained so many people in times of great suffering and distress, and how the mispractice of this faith has led to division, misunderstanding and hostility.

McCreary also reflects on his experience of reporting on well-known figures in Northern Ireland and writes about courageous and often unheralded bridge-builders who saw the urgent need for reconciliation. He examines the role of journalists over decades when balanced reporting was so important but at times very difficult, and suggests that truth has never been more in danger than it is today.

Alf McCreary brings us with him on his journey of faith through the unholy alliance between religion and politics. His personal faith in the best of human nature which can inspire even in the worst of times, shines through.

Alf McCreary is an award-winning author and journalist, based in Belfast. Formerly a senior writer for the Belfast Telegraph, he was the paper’s Religion Correspondent for 20 years and has won several major UK and Northern Ireland Press Awards for his reporting of the Troubles. He continues to write as a freelance journalist for a wide range of publications.