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Knight of Gaelgara Gary J. Martin | Temple Dark Books

Release Date06/01/2024
PublisherTemple Dark Books
CategoriesNew Releases

Welcome to Gaelgara, a new world of honour and spite.

Sir Roslind of Aksson, fierce and unyielding, is not the only female knight; but she is few among men who cling to older ways. And while whispers of disdain are so easily heard in a land pushing beyond tradition, whispers of rebellion are more subtle, more insidious; and much more costly to ignore.

As the waves of religious reformation crash upon the shores of Aksson, a disgruntled son learns the error of his ways; a traitor leads an unexpected defence; an embattled cougari unsheathes his claws; and one who hides in plain sight will open the gates to a fearsome enemy with ancestral zeal in their hearts.

The Baron of Aksson is a powerful man, proud and ruthless; but he is fading, betrayal already at his door. As his daughter returns from years of training, she must prove her mettle in the fires of the old world as the siege bears down upon the great port city.

But one thing is certain.

Aksson will burn.
The first book of The War of Souls Apocrypha introduces a new fantasy world from the imagination of Irish author Gary J. Martin. With a female protagonist (the newly knighted Sir Roslind Radsvinn) and written as a Medieval Heroic Fantasy tale – and even with a dash of Gaeilge here and there – Knight of Gaelgara draws us swiftly and confidentally into a vibrant, living city soon to face a siege and the first move in a greater war. Political and religious manoeuvring and ideologies are at play alongside the lives, loves and heartaches of brave defenders and resolute attackers, each driven at their core by faith in their god and the certainty that he will orchestrate their victory. That both sides worship the same god will only take us deeper into the minds of zealots and the machinations of those charged with shaping the hearts and minds of their fighters. With themes of ancestral land, divine promise, and the exploitation of believers, this is a novel as timely as it is timeless.