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Song of the Goldfinch John F. Deane | Veritas

Release Date01/06/2023

Song of the Goldfinch is a memoir tracing John F. Deane’s faith from his childhood and early adulthood as a strict Roman Catholic through his life as an internationally acclaimed writer and poet. It is an evocative examination of his time as a novice and seminarian, and of his tireless exploration of alternative Christian approaches, punctuated by poetry, both published and previously unpublished. Its insights and experiences are unique to the author as an individual and a poet, and yet wholly relevant to Christian faith in our challenging times.

John F. Deane
 is a writer and poet. His ninth collection of poetry, Naming of the Bones, was published by Carcanet Press in 2021. He spent five years as a Holy Ghost novice and seminarian, studied and taught poetry and faith, and published several books of essays on poets of faith, such as Hopkins, Herbert, Heaney and Kinsella. He is the founder of Poetry Ireland and Dedalus Press.