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The Crowfield Chronicles – The King of Wolves Renske De Wolfe | Tribes Press

Release Date09/09/2022
PublisherTribes Press
CategoriesAction & Adventure

There are three things you need to know about Rinna. Firstly, she has been raised to fear Elmentants. Secondly, her family, who rule over the eight clans of Nortland, has spent centuries burning all possible Elmentants in wicker cages, even girls as young as four years old. And thirdly, she has every reason to believe she is an Elmentant herself. How else could she explain her dream of the lonely warrior who gets captured in Crowfield Forest? But Elmentants are dangerous creatures who are not to be trusted. Everyone knows that. And besides, her country is ravaged by civil war.

There are more important things to worry about than whether she may or may not have forbidden powers. As time passes by, Rinna finds herself torn by two choices. Will she do her duty as the King’s daughter and make her family proud, or will she take the leap and discover who she really is?