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Endless Grit

by Patrick McLoughlinTribes Press

Days Gone By

by Margaret (McMorrow) GallagherTribes Press

So That My Soul May Sing

by Stephen DowdsTribes Press

Parky Finds A New Home

by Louise O'Connor MulhallTribes Press

Life and Other Poems

by Maryellen HodginsTribes Press

A Fairy Wonderland of Rhymes

by Lyn MaloneyTribes Press

She Had Flowers in Her Hair

by Lyndsey JacksonTribes Press

Kapheus Time: Book 6

by Marguerite ToneryTribes Press

Éanlaith Iarthuaisceart Thír Chonaill

by Maitiú Ó MurchúLeabhairCOMHAR

Absent Friend

by John MacKennaHarvest Press

Song of the Goldfinch

by John F. DeaneVeritas

Choose Well: The ABC Coping Sentence

by Claire HayesBeehive Books

Wild Ireland

by Carsten KriegerThe O'Brien Press