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Deanta Global

Deanta is a Dublin-based publishing solution company, providing (on and offshore) services, technology and consultancy solutions to publishers of complex content including academic, scholarly, legal, financial and professional bodies. With our unique combination of publishing production expertise, methodology and technology, we help organisations modernise their publication operations and realise more value from their content whilst driving lasting change and better outcomes for their business. We support clients in three inter-connected ways; through best-in-class publishing services (via our Dublin and Chennai-based project management, copyediting, typesetting, and indexing teams); through our proprietary technology publishing workflow platform Lanstad; and through our consultative approach to the digital transformation of publishing. Our Lanstad XML-first production workflow platform allows clients, and our own teams, to drive efficiencies at scale, delivering quicker turnaround times, while driving down costs and improving the accuracy and quality of work. Designed for intuitive and seamless user experiences, the platform uses AI-modelling to automate and simplify the production processes. Day to day workflows are made easier by allowing all parties, including contributors and copyeditors, to access and edit content in the cloud. In the open Access era for publishers where contributors are the new customers Publisher, our Lanstad platform is supporting publishers as they look to enhance the author experience. Deanta is known for our annual Trends in Academic Publishing Survey, which looks at the changing business goals and strategies of publishing; the process and operations that publishers are applying to achieve those goals, and the skill sets and working culture that are being nurtured to drive the business. The survey results influence our own product roadmap and allows us to share, consult and evangelise with our clients and partners about the trends that are affecting the industry as a whole.