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Titles by Royal Irish Academy

The Royal Irish Academy was founded in 1785 and it began publishing scholarly articles in its Transactions in 1787 - now six journals are published annually (mathematics, international affairs, earth sciences, etc.) by the RIA. The Academy also publishes books aimed at communicating scholarly material to a wider public, landmark series and scholarly books. Our books and journals are academically double-blind peer-reviewed and are produced to a high standard of editing and design. Awards include several Irish Book Awards, Best Irish Printed book, Institute of Designers in Ireland awards and Business 2 Arts awards. Recent titles include 'Sisters', 'Irish Sporting Lives', 'Irish Art 1920-2020 prespectives on change' and 'Work. Life. Lessons from leaders'.

Work. Life.

by Claire O'Connell

Irish Sporting Lives

by Turlough O'Riordan, Terry Clavin

Irish Art 1920-2020: Perspectives on Change

by Yvonne Scott, Catherine Marshall

Ireland 1922

by Darragh Gannon, Fearghal McGarry

The Handover

by John Gibney, Kate O'Malley
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