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Royal Irish Academy

The Royal Irish Academy was founded in 1785 and it began publishing scholarly articles in its Transactions in 1787 - now six journals are published annually (mathematics, international affairs, earth sciences, etc.) by the RIA. The Academy also publishes books aimed at communicating scholarly material to a wider public, landmark series and scholarly books. Our books and journals are academically double-blind peer-reviewed and are produced to a high standard of editing and design. Awards include several Irish Book Awards, Best Irish Printed book, Institute of Designers in Ireland awards and Business 2 Arts awards. Recent titles include 'Sisters', 'Irish Sporting Lives', 'Irish Art 1920-2020 prespectives on change' and 'Work. Life. Lessons from leaders'.

Work. Life.

by Claire O'ConnellRoyal Irish Academy

Irish Sporting Lives

by Turlough O'Riordan, Terry ClavinRoyal Irish Academy

Days in the life: Reading the Michael Collins Diaries 1918-1922

by Anne Dolan, William MurphyRoyal Irish Academy

Irish Art 1920-2020: Perspectives on Change

by Yvonne Scott, Catherine MarshallRoyal Irish Academy

The Treaty, 1921: Records form the Archives

by John Gibney, Zoë Reid Royal Irish Academy

Ireland 1922

by Darragh Gannon, Fearghal McGarry Royal Irish Academy

The Handover

by John Gibney, Kate O'Malley Royal Irish Academy