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The Dublin Review

The Dublin Review is a quarterly magazine of essays, memoir, reportage and fiction. Founded and edited by Brendan Barrington, it is published in book format to a design by David Smith (Atelier, Dublin). The Dublin Review gratefully acknowledges receipt of Annual Funding from the Arts Council and adheres to the governance transparency guidelines laid out by the Council. The Dublin Review is published by Brendan Barrington as a registered sole trader. ‘The best magazines are not just the product of their editors’ tastes and curiosities, but of the time and place in which they are made. Readers of The Edinburgh Review in the 19th century or The New Yorker in the 20th (and beyond) walked those cities’ streets, even — especially — when the piece on the page wasn’t set there. The same may be said of The Dublin Review, founded in 2000, which feels pleasantly pickled in that city’s brine.’ — The New York Times