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Turas Press

Turas Press is an independent, Dublin-based publisher dedicated to bringing contemporary poetry and literary fiction to Irish and international readers. In Irish and Scottish Gaelic, “turas” means “journey.” Turas Press was founded in May 2017 to support writers of poetry and fiction in launching their work into the world, and to make innovative writing accessible to readers who are passionate about literature. Since Turas Press was established in 2017, we have published 21 titles by 13 writers, with a further six titles planned for release in 2023 and 2024. Our list includes both poetry and fiction. Although the majority are collections of poetry, so far we have published three works of fiction (two novels and one short story collection) and we plan to increase our output of fiction in the coming years. Turas Press authors include début writers and those whose literary careers are already well-established. Although based in Ireland and firmly rooted in our environment, Turas Press has an internation twist: our list includes writers from, or living in other countries, several with strong family and linguistic connections to other languages and cultures, which oftenn filter through to their work. Some Turas Press publications have won or been runner up or shortlisted for prestigious awards, including the Irish Writers Centre Novel Fair, the Republic of Consciousness Prize, the Rubery Prize, the Eithne Strong Award and others. We value the much-deserved recognition these achievements provide to our authors. We are also honoured to be able to launch the début work new writers.

Her Red Songs

by Chris MurrayTuras Press

Noble Rot

by DS MaolalaiTuras Press

Secret Poets

by Darren Donohue Turas Press

Tiger Moth

by Róisín Tierney Turas Press