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Twenty First Century Renaissance

— Supporting the arts in Ireland Publications include coffee table books, poetry collections, and children’s books. Its legacy publication, The Visual Time Traveller, an illustrated history visualised in 5-year time jumps, was selected for the Global Irish Design Challenge exhibitions held in Dublin Castle (2016) and the National Design & Craft Gallery in Kilkenny (2017). 21CR supports the arts in Ireland with publications written, designed, printed and bound by Irish artists and artisans whenever possible. — A bridge between trade and academic publishing Inter-disciplinary, iconoclastic, open-minded, 21CR believes in publishing books that are both aesthetically pleasing and intellectually inspiring. A medic turns to poetry during the pandemic, a surgeon re-imagines the history of medicine in time-lines. Books for the everyman and everywoman. Books for life. — Changing Ireland For years, Irish society exported its people all over the world — the rapid shift to becoming a destination for immigration has created a new tension in Irish society. In his third collection an American poet holds up a mirror to Irish society — affectionate and uncomfortable in equal measure. Following on from this, 21CR is developing a conversation with a Polish poet recently arrived in Ireland with a plan to publish her work and provide an alternative perspective on this emerging challenge. — What’s new? Medicine from Dark Art to Enlightened Science is the second in The Visual Time Traveller series — a coffee table gift book to be published in 2024. Written by liver transplant surgeon, Justin Geoghegan, it traces the interaction of humanity with disease, the evolution of treatment from healing based on belief and primitive mythology to medicine derived from science and understanding.


by Alison HackettTwenty First Century Renaissance


by Arnie YasinskiTwenty First Century Renaissance

Poetic Licence in a Time of Corona

by Chris Fitzpatrick Twenty First Century Renaissance