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Publishing Industry for Ukraine

The FEP (Federation of European Publishers) alerted us to some initiatives that are being set up by our colleagues in Europe to assist Publishers in Ukraine.

Books for Refugee Ukrainian Families in Poland

Our Polish colleagues have informed the FEP of an initiative by the NGO Fundacja Powszechnego Czytania (Universal Reading Foundation), which is raising funds to be able to buy books from publishers in Ukraine and transport them to Poland and distribute them to Ukrainian kids and their families. To help both Ukrainian publishers and the kids seeking refuge in Poland. FEP will make a donation, and we agreed to publicise their initiative for any other PA or publisher to contribute. A letter from the Foundation is enclosed, and here is the bank account for donations:

Call for European Publishers to support a Ukrainian publishers

A former EUPL laureate suggested connecting Ukrainian publishers with European publishers. Early in 2022, Ukrainian publishers had plans for the year and now, they have no more chances to have their books printed as the major printing facilities have been destroyed. The idea would be for a European publisher to support a Ukrainian publisher with the printing of some of their yearly planning. We would try to work with organisations delivering goods in Ukraine to send the books back into the country. A list of possibly interested publishers will be developed.

At the same time, many other initiatives are being launched to help Ukraine, so there are various opportunities to help. We would like to refer you to the great list that EWC has prepared: #StandwithUkraine – HOW TO SUPPORT (



“Work for refugees from Ukraine”

FEP invite you to join the Polish Book Chamber project “Work for refugees from Ukraine”. The Polish Book Chamber initiated the project that provides contact for people looking for work in the publishing industry, with the aim to help war refugees from Ukraine. The Polish Chamber of Books is working intensively with the FEP and have already information about 30 workplaces available. They are looking for further opportunities across the EU further Information about the project is available at the website

They are supported by organizations like the Ukrainian House in Warsaw, the Union of Ukrainians in Poland, the Book Institute in Ukraine and FACEBOOK groups – Ukrainians from Poland, Ukrainians in Poland work transport information and Work in Warsaw all these groups assist with the promotion of this project to help Ukrainians find the best jobs in our industry.

If you are able to assist in providing opportunities for Ukrainian refugees in your country, please write to We will forward your information to those interested. We encourage FEP and its members to help in our project “Work for refugees from Ukraine”. Let’s create a hub for job opportunities in our European industry community, to help Ukrainian refugees.

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