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Selling Rights and Bookfairs 2024

Whether you’re preparing for a book fair or looking to expand your book’s reach, selling and buying rights is a fantastic way to increase revenue without having to create a new book. It’s a brilliant way to export your culture and establish connections with people around the world. Even with the pandemic’s impact, rights are still being sold for all types of books.

With over 40 years of experience trading rights, The O’Brien Press has represented the company at dozens of book fairs. This course will introduce you to the process of rights trading, including the key players, potential opportunities, and pitfalls to avoid in the world of rights trading.

Speaker: Ivan O Brien

Ivan O’Brien, who serves as the Managing Director of O’Brien Press. He has extensive experience in production, sales, and rights and has attended several book fairs, including BEA, Bologna Children’s Book Fair, London Book Fair, and Frankfurt Book Fair. In addition to his current position, he is the current president of Publishing Ireland, he has also served as the chair of the Dublin Book Festival, and a past board member of the Irish Copyright Licensing Agency. To add to his impressive resume, he has represented Ireland at the Federation of European Publishers.

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