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Spiritual Support & Forgiveness from Messenger Publications


For the most part we all try to live an enriched and fulfilling life, to live in harmony with others, to relish the little joys of everyday life – basically to being our best selves. But we all know the negativity that anger, hurt, loss or betrayal can bring and we can fall into patterns of destructive emotions and unhelpful behavior. 

A new book encourages us to delve into ourselves and identify our ‘innermost desires’ (which are not identical to our strongest feelings), acknowledge our own anger, which has a legitimate place among human emotions, and allow ourselves time to get to a place of compassion and forgiveness – for ourselves as well as others.

The Ignatian Guide to Forgiveness by Marina Berzins McCoy is illustrated by real-life stories and uses the principles of Ignatian spirituality to present ten steps we can take towards forgiving ourselves and others. The path we each take will be unique but the journey can lead us to the freedom and self-understanding that forgiveness can bring – a valuable resource in our current stressful times!

The Ignatian Guide to Forgiveness: Ten steps to healing by Marina Berzins McCoy is published in Ireland and the UK by Messenger Publications. It is priced at €12.95/£11.95 and is available in all good bookshops or at 


The way we grieve, the way we mourn and the way we process loss has changed radically from the prescribed and rather inflexible protocols of old. However, those very rituals provided a structure and pathway through the process of grief and in their absence, many find themselves at a loss as to how to mark the passing of their loved one and cope with their own bereavement.

Author Paddy Shannon has brought together material and resources for those involved in bereavement ministry today to assist them in providing spiritual support and ceremonies for mourners today. He demonstrates how Church liturgies and scripture readings can have a relevance and bring comfort in our contemporary world.

Paddy Shannon worked for eighteen years with Cruse Bereavement Care, overseeing the development of the organization across Northern Ireland. He has spoken at conferences and delivered training workshops on grief and bereavement ministry across Ireland, the UK and internationally. The book is based on a course of his own design which he used in training in a parish setting.

To Bring Comfort and Consolation: Bereavement Ministry by Paddy Shannon will be published in Ireland and the UK by Messenger Publications on I March 2022. Priced at €19.95/£18.95, it is available to pre-order at

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