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New Members Publishing Ireland

Temple Dark Books

Creators of Darkness

We are a small but dedicated and passionate team of like-minded creatures who could not breathe without the written word (especially those big words that catch in the throat). At a secret location in Ireland, The Gatekeeper gathers writers and artists of dark delight, publishing works of Dark Speculative Fiction to expand your mind and nourish your wayward soul.

Our 2021 catalogue features three SF titles and one of Historical Fiction, with authors from Ireland, Australia, and the United States. Amongst more SF, we anticipate featuring a horror title in our 2022 catalogue.

Temple Dark Books selects works for publication based on the quality of the writing – if we enjoy it, we see the potential. As such, we care little for gender, ethnicity, skin colour, and anything else that has no bearing on a writer’s ability to tell a good story. Knowing how disingenuous social media is, we also do not judge people based on how many followers they have!

The Gatekeeper occupies a dimension alongside ours, and he may even be standing behind you right now. If you reach out to us via, you can avoid him reaching out to you.