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The Column I Never Wrote

The Harvest Press is delighted to announce the details of their next publication ‘The Column I Never Wrote’ by John Masterson.

The Column I Never Wrote is one of the most candid and genuine stories you will ever read. This examination of one person’s past offers important and life-changing lessons for all of us.

Journalist with the Sunday Independent, radio presenter with KCLR, and Late Late Show producer during his time with RTE, John Masterson, has written a beautifully honest and heart-rending story of teenage love and duplicity, and how the events of one summer have thrown a shadow across his life. Having studied, and then taught, psychology at Trinity College Dublin he turns his gaze on himself with satisfying results.

“I love the way the story circles back on itself to interrogate the whole nature of memory. I also love how much the story has to say about a vanished time in Irish life. It wasn’t very long ago but it’s a different world, and this really brings that home.”
Emily Hourican – Journalist and author.

‘The Column I Never Wrote’ will be launched on the 11th March, further details at

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